Blackhead Treatment Idea

Best way to use this? My routine consists of tret and a thick lipid moisturizer at night, spf during the day.

This product can pill with other products, namely silicone based products and oil directly applied over it.

Here’s how I use it. 

  • toner
  • propolis serum 
  • niacinamide
  • snail mucin
  • moisturizer


  • toner
  • niacinamide mixed with a peptide serum 
  • snail mucin
  • moisturizer/oil

If you only use moisturizers, apply this to damp skin and massage or tap into your skin. Tap the moisturizer into your skin to avoid making the serum pill up. Since you use tret at night, use this during the day. 

I find if layered or mixed directly in another serum, it does not pill. It’s an excellent product and I hope it works well for you!

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